I’m Back… Finally

Hello blogging land. Long time, no blog/vlogs, eh? Well… I am back from my vlog-cation (kind of like a vacation, but with blogging) and ready to give you a recap on my races at the beginning of the season up until now.  Since I’ve had so many races, so over the next few days you will get a recap on 1 to 3 races.  And I promise to do my best and blog or vlog at least once a week, minimum.

The season started out with me going to SCNCA regional camp.  It was so much fun and I cannot wait to go next year. The first day I was a bit nervous, but the nerves soon disappeared and I was ready for a good day on the bike.  The day started out with a lecture given by Mr. Michael Heitz. He is an amazing motivator and a great person.  After that the day flew by pretty fast with bike drills in the morning and a ride in the afternoon.

Sunday was the second day of camp, and I had so much fun. The group that I was in went climbing all over San Dimas.  And we all know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE climbing.  I kept up with the boys up the hill for a bit and that was pretty cool, but boys being boys and not wanting a girl to beat them took off. I let them have their fun. At the top of one climb, we stopped and waited for everyone to catch up. The view there was amazing. If you looked down there was a wide river and the mountains were a beautiful purple.

On the way back to camp base, I was crashed. Thankfully the damage wasn’t bad at all and I just had  a bit of road rash. The bike was good also, with just a torn up seat and ripped bar tape, nothing major. I finished the ride and got back to camp safely. SCNCA regional camp was amazing and I cannot wait until next year.

Well, there is a slight recap on camp and check back in the next few days to read about my first race Mothballs and the first stage race of the year, Valley of the Sun.

Keep the rubber side down,



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