Callville Bay, Two Canadians and Blue Man Group

Ahh, Callville Bay, the race that will officially signify that the racing season has started. Callville Bay has been one of my favorite races ever since the beginning. Mike, the guy who runs it, is an amazing guy and a truly great person. Usually, we stay on one of the many houseboats provided to riders, but this year was different. We stayed in a hotel, a really great one at that and it wasn’t to far from the race.  There was another difference in this year. We had two women pro Canadian cyclist saying with us and they decided to tag along.

Annie and Leah, were a bunch of fun to have around. The re-introduced me to the wonders of Nutella and made me listen to Dubstep, which is not all that bad. Anywas, it was a boat load of fun to have two women riders in the house to be able to talk to about cycling, joke around and go on training rides. One of my favorite rides I did with them, was to a local coffee shop with another friend, Scott.  The juice was good and there was great conversation.

As I was packing for Callville Bay, Annie and Leah decided to tag along with and race. After a long day of driving we finally arrived at our hotel. It was an amazing hotel to stay at, it had a kitchen, dinning room and a HUGE plasma tv. It was pretty cool for a hotel. After unloading our luggage, we headed back into the car to find a grocery store.

While we drove the 5 hours to the hotel, we played a music game called Canadian DJ. The game is super simple: give an iPod to any two Canadians and let them choose any music. I do have to say it was fun, and I discovered a lot of great music and re-memorized the lyrics to my favorite songs. Anyhow, to and from anywhere ,including races, we played the game.

Once we finished the tedious work of grocery shopping with my father and my teammate, Bryan, we headed back to the hotel to eat and spin out our legs on the workout bikes in the gym downstairs. Dinner was super delicious and after cleaning up, Annie, Leah and I headed downstairs to the gym. There we spun our legs on the stationary bikes. We soon got bored and decided to have some fun. Being the goofball that I can be, I jumped on the treadmill and started to catwalk. That was fun, as long as I remembered to keep walking and not to stop and pose at the end of my imaginary runway. As, much fun as that was, I had to race tomorrow and I went to be relatively early.

The day of the ITT it was SUPER windy. Thankfully, I didn’t drag my TT bike up because I wouldn’t have used it. After getting in the zone with warm up music, warming up and getting ready to race I made a last-minute decision. It was so windy I would ride my lower profile wheel in the front and my deeper profile wheel in the back. This could be a big mistake if it didn’t work out, but it could also pay off. It was a risky decision, but it turned out fine and I won the TT by 32 seconds. Behind me were three sisters and it would be tough to work by myself the next day.

The road race the next day was going to be tough. But just like before the TT I got in the zone, and warmed up feeling good. I was officially ready to kick butt. And I did. I dropped 2 of the 3 sisters and out sprinted the other one for the win. I was excited and ready for the crit tomorrow.

Later that day my Dad, Bryan and I were going to support the Canadians at feed zone. While driving there we got caught up by a crash ahead one of the women’s fields, which blocked the road. My dad stopped the car and I jumped out praying it wasn’t Annie or Leah.

It wasn’t, but the girl on the ground was pretty beat up and she was from a different category then Annie and Leah. Apparently, as she was making the u-turn she was t-boned by a car. After helping out by giving blankets, we waited around for the ambulance and told other racers to slow down to pass the roadblock safely. Finally, the ambulance came and the girl was whisked away to the hospital. By this time we were super nervous, for the girl and because we might miss Annie and Leah’s feed.

We drove as fast as the law would permit to the feed zone, passing the field Annie and Leah were in, on the way. At feed we waited and waited for the girls to come and make the u-turn then take feed. First we saw Annie on a solo breakaway, but the guy manning the turn around wasn’t paying attention and didn’t tell her to turn around so Annie kept going. Meanwhile, I start screaming to Annie trying to get her attention. Then the women’s peloton started to scream “Annie,Annie”, but alas Annie did not turn around and the race official had to go get her while the main field made the u-turn and took off. As they passed, Leah screamed ” GO GET ANNIE” to me and I knew she meant business. We made sure Annie got back to the race safely and we went to the finish, where Leah ended up winning in a sprint.

The day of the road race, Alice, one of the boy’s mom bought tickets for the team to go to Blue Man group in Vegas. Our tickets were for the first few rows right in the spray zone!! I was blown away by how much someone one can say and mean without saying anything at all. The different acts the Blue Men did were fun and super cool to watch. My favorite part, wasn’t mimed by the Blue Men, it was the ticker at the pillars at the side of the stage reading: We want to welcome the JETCycling Junior team! It was AWESOME! Alice had it specially planned and it was a great surprise. After Blue Man Group Annie, Leah, Bryan, my dad and myself went and got gelato at a place we always go to during interbike. Blue Man Group was a bunch of fun and I really was thankful for the experience.

Soon the next morning was upon us and I was ready to go, with two plans for the crit. I could either breakaway and add more time onto my 32 seconds or I could hang with the group and pray I would out sprint them. I chose breakaway, but there was a curveball in the mix. My dad thought it would be fun to have Annie and Leah coach me, which didn’t end up that bad.  In the end I wasn’t able to create space and out sprinted the two sisters coming into the finish.

I ended up winning over all GC and won all 3 races of the stage race. On the podium I got a fake check and a swag bag.

All in all Callville Bay was awesome and as always, I cannot wait until next year.


Will post again soon,



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