Tour of Murrtiea

WOW! What an experience. My first women’s pro road race, at the Tour of Murrieta.

After Callville Bay, Leah left to go back to Canada, but Annie stayed to race Tour of Murrieta.

On Sunday, the final day, I decided to tag along to watch, yell, shout, and cheer! My dad suggested for me to bring my bike so I could ride around and cheer for Annie on other parts of the course. We got there and checked the GC for Annie and talked with a few people we know. With the races going on and the atmosphere of the race, it made me want to race. My dad approved of me racing. “But you don’t have a kit.” he said. But secretly in the depths of my Rudy Project backpack, there was a jersey and a pair of bibs.

After registering, I discovered, that uh-oh I can’t wear my state gear in a category I didn’t win. Thankfully, I have a bunch of good friends and Dave Pulliam, the director of another junior cycling program in the area, lent me a jersey. I also got a bottle from one of the juniors in the area, Erik. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

It was super weird, not planning to race and then BAM, sign a few papers and then I’m racing, but I was excited.  My warm up was fairly short and then all of a sudden it was race time. I got on the line far right side, leaning up against the announcer stand. A lot of the top pros were at this race, and my main goal was to stay in the peloton. Besides me there were two or three other juniors.

The race took off after the pre-race instructions and the whistle. I hung with the pack for the first and second lap, and then on the backside of the third lap, I was dropped. In fact it was Annie who dropped me. She attacked at the front and the field surged dropping me. Unfortunately, Annie was swallowed back into the pack, but I was dropped for good. I was extremely bummed, because just as I thought I might actually be able to make it to the sprint finish, I was dropped. However it was a good learning experience.

As the race progressed I caught up to another women who was dropped and worked with her for a bit. Then she took off. Later I caught her again, and she was dropped. After that I was alone for the rest of the race.

On the second to last lap for the pack , I was lapped and I tried hopping in with the group. I did for about half a lap and then they surged off, again. I finished not long after and my legs were fried to a crisp, but I was ecstatic. I had made it 3 laps with the women’s pro field. I figured it wasn’t bad for a young junior who is a category 4. All in all I was only lapped twice, maybe 3 times? It was a great learing race and a good training ride, when I was on my own.

BTW, thank you all for all the views lately. Let me know what you want to read about and comment, I really want to know.

Blog you guys later,


P.S. New uniforms came in yesterday!! Look how cool my state jersey is!


One response to “Tour of Murrtiea

  1. Awesome job hanging in there Millie! haha sorry to hear it was Annie who dropped you, darn her! You’ll be able to keep up with the pros in no time.

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