Redlands Crit

Ahh, another Pro race, except this one was a crit instead of a road race.

My mechanic Jay and his son, Zane, (also my teammate) drove me to the race. When we got there we unloaded everything and headed down to registration. There I saw one of the top local juniors, Tara. Tara is SUPER fast and has won a couple of pro races, and after finding out she was racing in my category, I have to admit I was a bit intimidated. Anyways, we headed back to the car and I sat around and watched the ongoing race at the moment.

Soon, it was time to warm up and get those legs spinnin’. As I was warming up, my Grandpa (mom’s side) and my Papa (dad’s side) showed up to cheer for me and that was a lot of fun, but before I knew it, race time was here.

I got up to the line and was shaking in my boots. One of my thoughts was “This could hurt, a lot!” But as soon as the whistle blew I was over my momentary fears, and in race mode. The race started off a bit fast, and mellowed out a bit after the 3 lap. Then, on the 5 or 6th lap, someone thought it might be fun to attack! Unfortunately,  my legs were toast. I hung on the back, dangling from a couple of the wheels. Then, POW I was shed from the group. I was uber bummed. I though I might make it half of the 50 minute race, but alas, I did not.

However, when they passed me 3 times I jumped in and tried to hang on for a few laps. Overall, I placed 19th, 3 laps down. I wasn’t really happy with my result, but it was a great race to learn from.

Ride fast,



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