Nationals Road Race

I’m back from the USACycling National Championships, with a huge smile on my face. I had tons of fun in Augusta, Georgia. I got to race, catch up with friends and watch my friends race.

I got to GA on Sunday, ready to race and catch up with my friends. I flew into the Atlanta International Airport and one of my coaches picked us up at the airport with his daughter. From there we spent a night a a local hotel and the next day we drove to Augusta.

While driving to our destination, we stopped at a local bike shop to have my bikes checked up, after the beating they took on the airline. The shop was super cool, and the manager and mechanic we met very hospitable and kind.

Finally in Augusta, we checked into the hotel and unpacked all our bike goodies and got everything ready for the next few days.

The next few days flew by in a hurry, by preparing to race and riding the courses. I had a lot of fun riding with a Georgia native Brody, on the road course, and he is super fast. The next day we both met up to ride with Ben Sharp, who works with juniors for USACycling, and that was a blast.

The first race was the road race and everyone seemed to be nervous. The course was a bit dangerous in some places and no-one knew what would happen. After race instructions and the whistle, we were off.

The first part of the race had attacks right and left, so the pace was fast. The first couple climbs of the day I felt great. My legs felt fresh and fast. However, the second lap of three is where it all fell apart. I came around a hairpin turn, on the inside, and right in front of me a couple people slid out, forcing me to slam on the brakes in order avoid crashing. Just the then, someone in the main group attacked leaving me behind.

I chased back up to the group only to be dropped, by a harsh couple of attacks. I worked with a couple of girls for the next lap, but unfortunately we didn’t catch the main group. I ended up with a 18th out of 28 girls, not what I had hoped for at all. I was extremely bummed, but ready to kick butt the next day.


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