Sponsor Review: Hammer Nutrition. Top 5 Hammer Products I Use.

As an athlete,  I always need to make sure I am fueled properly before, during and after each race or ride and Hammer Nutrition helps me with this task.

1. Hammer HEED

Before and during a race, I need to make sure I stay hydrated and fueled, to keep going and I use Hammer’s HEED.

Hammer HEED, is a sports drink that is healthy alternative to all of the other sugar filled sports drinks out there. HEED is a vegan friendly product, contains no MSG or gluten and is Kosher certified. Plus it helps buffer lactic acid, prevent cramping and also creates a steady, constant energy source. Hammer Heed comes in multiple different flavors, but my favorite is subtle berry, or snozzleberry as I nicknamed it.


Hammer HEED comes in a giant tub or small packets for on the go. Either way, you know that you are fueling your body with the best of the best.

High Energy Electrolyte Sports Drink

2. Hammer Recoverite

After a race, I go into recovery mode, which means I get into my compression gear, and have a nice big glass of  Hammer’s Recoverite.  Recoverite is a Glutamine Fortified Recovery Drink and speeds up recovery by supplying your body with a 3:1 ratio of  complex carbohydrates, whey protein isolate,multi-beneficial glutamine and antioxidant l-carnosine. Recoverite contains no MSG, is made with all natural ingredients and is Kosher dairy certified.

Just like HEED, Recoverite comes in a giant tub and small packets. Plus it comes in multiple flavors, my fav being Orange.

Recoverite - Glutamine Recovery Drink


3.  Hammer Whey

Who doesn’t love chocolate milk? I know that I love chocolate milk, and my favorite way to have a glass is with Hammer’s Whey protein  mixed in. The whey protein, protects my lean muscle tissue,helps my immune system, and  minimizes post-exercise soreness.  Hammer Whey also is MSG free, and is Kosher Dairy Certified.

Whey comes in multiple different flavors, such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Chai and unflavored.

Hammer Whey - 100% Whey Protein Isolate

4. Hammer Gels

Right before my race and often during, I need a quick boost of energy, and I use Hammer Gels.  The gels are made with real fruit and wholesome ingredients, contain absoulutley no MSG or Gluten, and are Kosher Friendly.  The gels come in a small squeeze packet for on the go, and in a bottle and either way, you know that you will have solid energy to keep going.  They come in multiple different flavors, and my all time favorite is Montana Huckleberry.

Hammer Gel - Energy Gels

5. Hammer Bars

Rounding out the top 5, are Hammer Bars and they are yummy. Most bars out on the market, are tasteless or simply nasty, and with Hammer Bars I know that I am eating something not only yummy, but good for me too. They are made with natural and all organic ingredients, making them easy to digest. Plus they have no preservatives, trans fats, soy, peanuts, dairy, refined sugars, or additives coating. And guess what? They follow the trend of no MSG or gluten. For a quick bar on the go or during a workout/race, you will love Hammer Bars.

Hammer Bars - Energy Bars

In addition to Hammer’s amazing product for sports, they also have clothing, cycling kits, and much, much more. I have worn their everyday clothing and cycling kits, and they are top notch. To learn more about Hammer and buy some of their products go to :



Or you can click the Hammer Nutrition Logo on the side of this website.

Well, I’m off to go ride and Hammer it up out on the road.

Until the next blog,




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