Bike Pure: Ride Clean

The Pledge not to cheat, is not between the rider and Bike Pure – But the between rider and his friends, family, fans and teammates.


When I started riding, it was the time of great cyclists, and I was proud to talk about my sport. Then came the time of  sports news with  bad press and disappointment  around those I looked up to.  I have  always wanted to make sure I was riding cleanly and with dignity.  Fast forward 5 years to when I discovered Bike Pure and officially made the pledge to continue to uphold, and support clean riding.


As an ambassador for women’s cycling and junior cycling, I give a lot of speeches and presentations to business groups, schools, and rotaries. When I wear a sponsor’s logo, or promote a cause I need to make sure that the company and cause matches my values and ethics. Bike Pure does just that.

With Bike Pure,  the name says it all. Biking Pure, without any performance enhancement or drugs.  Anyone can join for free, and there are plenty of pro riders and team ambassadors of Bike Pure.   You can spot a supporter of Bike Pure by their blue wristband.

To  learn more about Bike Pure and support the future of clean cycling, go to




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