Interbike Day 1 and ‘Cross Vegas

I always get excited for Interbike, because it is truly bike heaven for three straight days. Who could ask for more?

Anyways, this year I was especially excited because, JETCycling would be announcing their new women’s junior elite team, the Super 4. Over the summer, JETCycling recruited the best female junior riders in the 15-16 age category, to ride ‘cross and road for 2012. But there was a slight twist. JETCycling would be taking those core 4 to Italy at the end of the 2012 season, to race and ride for two weeks.

To learn more check out Podium Insights interview with the Super 4:

Interbike would include team bonding and racing in the Wheelers and Dealers race on Wednesday night.

Wednesday is the first day of the show and it flew by quickly as the first day always does. After a couple interviews, dancing in the clean bottle suit, showing off Swiftwick’s new compression sock and enjoying the atmosphere, we were all ready to race that night.

Milliegoat as the Clean Bottle girl and all her teammates.

Prepared to get out new Masi CXR bikes, muddy and grassy we set off to the ‘cross course.

The course was tough, with thick grass, mud, barriers and run-ups, it would be a hard and fast 40 minute race. The race was packed, with 200 riders, 13 being women and the rest all men.

Just as predicted the race took off the a raging fast start. After about three laps, I finally settled into my rhythm and began catching people in front of me. However the cyclocross gods, weren’t in my favor and cursed me with a costly mechanical, right after the pit.

For those who don’t know, in ‘cross if you pass the pit and then have a mechanical you have to do one complete lap before entering the pit.

Because of this rule, I had to make a complete circuit with my chain stuck on the hardest sprocket in my cassette and my biggest chain ring.

After a grueling lap, I finally made it to the pit where the mechanic fixed my bike in record slow time. Not the quick 30 second to a minute fix, it took a good 2 or 3 minutes, and by that time everyone in the women’s field had passed me.

Finally, I got back on and tried to catch-up ,but by then I was to far behind. Thankfully I had a bunch of people still cheering me on, especially on the run-up. I finished in 8th, with my teammates placing  5th,6th and 7th.

Right to left:Milliegoat, LaPaka, Claire-Bear and Marta-Millo

I want to say thank you to all the fans out on the course cheering and screaming. I think I was deaf for a day or two.

More about Interbike Day 2 and 3 coming up!!

Blog you soon,



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