Day 4 of 35, Time to join Team Duke, and support the fight!

Hey all! You are right now probably 5 pounds lighter than you will be tomorrow after all the turkey and stuffing…… just kidding. 🙂

So before you go out and play backyard football in the sun tomorrow, make sure you lather up with the John Wayne Cancer Foundation’s sport sunblock! It is SPF 45 and is plenty durable. With most sunblocks the stuff wears off in just 10 minutes, but this will stay on all day and send your sunburn fears away. It is sweat and water resistant, and has UVA+B filters.

It may seem that you don’t need sunblock, but please help prevent skin cancer by wearing it. It’s a simple thing to do, that could save you time and even your life. It is such a simple gesture and takes less than 10 minutes.Plus, the money goes to help find a cure for cancer.

You might be as tough as nails, but your skin shouldn’t be.

Learn more at:

Remember to have grit, courage and heart!

P.S. Become a Team Duke athlete today and help the fight against cancer!



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